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Improving attacking play and the involvement of a striker

Structure: The game is played in an octagon with large goals at the ends. The field is divided into three horizontal zones of equal size. Thereby, the central zone is further divided into three zones (one very large and two small). In addition, the central zone consists of three vertical lanes.

Rules: The game is played 8vs8. The team in possession of the ball must always occupy the small horizontal central zone on the border of the attacking zone (as the blue team in the picture). Furthermore, all vertical lanes must be occupied at all times to secure the proper structure for quick switches. The attacking third may only be entered without the ball (ice hockey rule). However, before entering the final third, the team in possession had to pass the ball to the striker in the small zone.

Variation: The small horizontal zone may be flexibly occupied, as long as it is occupied.

Coaching points: The idea is to improve attacking plays involving the striker. Thus, trying to play the deepest possible ball as well as provide layoff passing option is crucial. Runs behind the last line to take advantage of the play over the third / fourth. Equal occupation of the space and positioning on different horizontal lines. Creating diagonal pass lines.

You can download the small-sided game as a pdf-file here: