4vs4+2 with neutral players providing depth

Structure: The playing field is 30 meters long and 20 meters wide. There are two mini-goals placed on both sides. Those can be seen as a pass through the halfspace, for instance.

Rules: The game is played 4vs4 on the mini-goals with a fixed direction of play. The two neutral players support the team in possession of the ball and have a maximum of two touches. Furthermore, they are not allowed to leave their position but can move along their side. Therefore, placing the mini-goals a few meters behind the field would be optimal.

Variation: The players between the goals are each assigned to a team and are allowed to move into the field once the ball is lost. Consequently, dynamic situations arise in which one player presses backwards.

Coaching points: By using a 4vs4 one can basically train all aspects of football. Consequently, all relevant group and individual tactical aspects are present. The creation of triangles, the correct positioning, the support of the ball carrier, or to look for the deepest positioned player are all coaching points. Defensively, it is all about correct shifting, diagonal positioning, isolating the opponent and recognizing pressing triggers.

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You can download the small-sided game with instructions here:

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