Small-sided game: focusing on quick counter-pressing

Structure: The game is divided into nine zones. The entire playing field forms an octagon. On the diagonal sides, mini-goals are placed. The game is played 8vs5.

Rules: The red team gets one point if 10 successful passes are played in a row. The blue team gets one point if, after losing the ball, they manage to counter-attack quickly on one of the 4 mini goals or to play 5 successful passes in a row.

Variation: The aim of the red team is to transfer the ball from one side to the other. Therefore, a direction of play is created for the red team.

Coaching points: Quick counter-pressing. The aim is to reduce the space near the ball. Diagonal pressing and the conscious steering of the opponent, plus working in triangles for mutual protection are different sub-principles. Furthermore, individual details such as the correct use of the covering shadow can also be trained within this small-sided game.

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