Small-sided game to practice the use of the cover shadow in pressing scenes

Structure: 5vs4 is played in a 25 meter wide and 40 meter long field. In addition to the large goals at the ends of the field, two triangular mini-goals are placed in the centre.

Rules: The team in possession of the ball tries to score a goal. Scoring a goal is rewarded with one point. A successful pass through the triangular mini-goals counts as an additional point. However, the triangular goal may only be played through by the direction of play. Passing back through the triangular goal is not rewarded with a point. In the first step, the red team constantly attacks, while the blue team counterattacks on the big goals – the triangular goals can’t be used by them.

Variation: The game is played in both directions. Consequently, a neutral player is installed (4vs4+1) and the triangular goals become diamond-shaped goals.

Coaching points: Use of the covering shadow to keep the opponent from being out of the pressure situation, depending on the direction of pressure. If the goal is directed outwards, the diagonal pass into the centre should be prevented. If the shadow is directed inwards, the diagonal pass should be directed outwards.

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